Spinz uses collected data from a variety of sources in order to provide you with the best user experience on our app. This privacy policy describes what data is collected and how it is used.

Collected Data

Spinz uses data from the following sources:

Use of Collected Data

Spinz primarily uses collected data to:

No personal information (information that could uniquely identify you as a person such as name or email address) is ever sold or shared with any of our merchants or 3rd parties. When Spinz provides its merchants with statistical information it is free of any personal information that can be associated with you.

Sharing with Friends

We use information provided by your social network to connect you with friends who also use Spinz. By default, users on your friends list have access to basic information of your Spinz profile including your recent activity, number of spins, shared currency, upgrades, your profile picture, and your name. You may limit access by visiting the settings page and choosing to hide your Spinz recent activity.

Children's Privacy Statement

In order to use the Spinz app users must be 13 years or older. Certain deals displayed on the Spinz App may only display to users that acknowledge they are 21 years or older. Spinz never knowingly collects data from individuals under the age of 13.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Spinz reserves the right to update our privacy policy. The current privacy policy is available through a link in the App to this page. By using the Spinz app you are agreeing to the latest privacy policy.

This policy was last updated October 31st, 2017.

Copyright Notice

All images in the Spinz App are copyrighted or licensed by Spinz or the associated merchant. If you are a copyright owner and believe that an image infringes on your copyright, please contact us at copyright@spinz.com with a copy of the image, and a screenshot of where it appeared on the app, and we will take the necessary steps to remove any material that is in violation of your copyright.